Services We Offer

An extensive list of services is provided by Pallega starting with state-of-the-art facilities & machinery. The list of machinery includes SPM, CNC, Hand drilling, automatic drilling, Slotting, Threading, Shaping, Lathe, Grinding, Automatic cutting & slotting, Power press and Forging machines. There are various Plating Services which are also successfully provided by Pallega. These include Nickel plating, Chrome plating, Tin plating, Copper plating, Blue plating, Zinc plating, Yellow plating, Silver plating, Gold plating, Brass plating.

Pallega is a certified accredited provider of precision nickel plating, chrome plating, tin plating etc. Plating is a critical process and marks modern technology, and helps in covering the surface of the metal products and is utilized for surface finishing. Our finishing techniques complement the product and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We also believe in using the best instruments for intricate & minute measurements. The profile projector, different ring & plug gauges, degree protector, meters, plating thickness gauge etc are some of the instruments which are functional & reliable. They are precise and their consistency is responsible for our flawless products.

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