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Pallega is a popular name amongst the manufacturers of pneumatic fittings. It is with a consistent delivery of quality products that Pallega has created a reputation for itself. Brass parts manufacturing requires a certain level of expertise and infrastructure set-up which has been aced by Pallega. Our brass pneumatic fittings are crafted with the usage in mind and special focus is laid on ensuring that the quality is top class.

Our Range of Pneumatic Fittings

The market is flooded with different types of brass pneumatic fittings which vary in shapes, sizes, connections, etc. Each type of fitting lends different qualities like the insert and threaded fittings are more appropriate for transporting high pressure material. The type of connection between two fittings needs to be completely sealed to ensure that there are no leakages.

Brass is an ideal material for crafting pneumatic fittings. First, brass is not prone to deterioration caused by weather and moisture. It does not rust and can withstand high and low temperatures. These two properties are a must when creating fittings for pipes that will carry a wide variety of liquids and gases. Additionally, brass is a sturdy alloy which does not snap easily. This assures that the connections will remain secure and also will last long.

Advantage of Choosing Our Pneumatic Fittings

Looking at the competition around, we understand that it can get difficult for a client to choose a manufacturer.Here, we list the advantages of associating with us in hopes that it will help you choose the best brass pneumatic fittings manufacturer which is Pallega.

  • The brass used in our pneumatic fittings is sourced from credible suppliers. The brass is high grade adhering to the threading standards laid out by international regulatory bodies.
  • The manufacturing of fittings is done by imported machines that have high production capacity and almost no faulty product.
  • Our pneumatic fittings are processed through two stage quality check that comprises automatic and manual checks before delivery to client.
  • We are an ISO certified company with all export licenses intact which ensures that you get quality products delivered in your country without any legal issues.
  • We have been in the manufacturing industry for almost half a century which gives us an edge over other novice manufacturers who have just started.

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