Brass Earthing Components, Accessories

Brass Earthing Components

Pallega’s brass earthing components are loaded with qualities that are a must for earthing accessories. We manufacture quality earthing components that are crafted from high grade brass that is approved and accredited by international bodies. We are the trusted manufacturing partner for clients in both domestic and international arenas.

What Makes Our Earthing Components Ideal?

Our range of brass earthing accessories is great for industrial and bulk applications because they are great in every aspect. The properties are an absolute must for an earthing component. Our range of earthing accessories are:

Shock Resistance

An earthing component is required to have resistance to shock because it is fitted in electrical equipment. Our brass earthing components are tested for resistance to shock.

Easy Installation

Pallega’s earthing accessories are designed to be installed easily. No professional service or expertise is required to install our range of earthing components.

Rust Resistance

Rust is a natural phenomenon and is responsible for deteriorating the elements. Because our earthing components are crafted from brass, they are rust proof.

Sturdy and Durable

Installing hardware that is made from quality raw material makes it long lasting. Pallega promises quality that is sure to last long because of quality raw material.

Why Choose Us as Your Manufacturing Partner?

Pallega is a name to be reckoned with in the brass parts manufacturing business. Experience of over 40 years makes Pallega the ultimate choice for clients seeking a reliable and trusted manufacturer. Our brass earthing accessories are designed with expertise that we have acquired over the year and this gives us an edge above other manufacturers.

We have specialized teams that focus on manufacturing, quality testing, and researching aspect to ensure that the earthing accessories delivered to you are perfect in every way and up to date in terms of technology. The dedication and passion that we have towards manufacturing brass parts is something that you would not come across in the industry.

Each of our teams has industry professionals and is headed by veterans who known things in and out. Our sales team takes note of all your special requirements and offers earthing components that will be tailormade for you. Our research and development team keeps us apprised of the latest happenings in the industry, and the manufacturing team is focused on creating parts that you want.

We can be reached at for details on our earthing components and accessories.

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