Brass Conduit Fittings Manufacturers

Pallega has been a pioneer in manufacturing brass components like brass conduit fittings, inserts, etc. for over four decades now. It is well-versed with all that gets in to producing a fine quality brass component. When you associate with Pallega, you get the experience that is guided by your requirements and our forte. We use our industry network and knowledge to apprise you of what is trending and procuring the best resources.

What Do We Offer?

Brass conduit fittingsare ideal because of the qualities that brass has. Brass is resistant to corrosion which makes conduit fittings made out of it perfect for underground connections which are often exposed to moisture. Similarly, it can withstand high temperatures which are not uncommon in electrical fittings.

Pallega’s conduit fittings are made from free-cutting high grade brass that is perfect for export and branded as best quality brass. It is full of qualities required for conduit fittings. Our range includes:

  • Male and female fittings
  • Conduit bushes
  • Conduit pipe fittings
  • Couplings
  • Adaptors
  • Bolts and Screws

How Do You Benefit?

As a customer, you deserve something special. Our range of brass conduit fittings are laced with qualities that you are looking for and we make it special by providing services that you do not usually get from other manufacturers.

Our conduit fittings are completely customizable and you get to choose the type of brass, the shape, the dimensions, the finish, etc. As a manufacturer with our own facility, we can create any type of fitting within no time. We also offer expert opinion if you are unsure of what type of conduit fitting would best suit your interest.

As a major manufacturer, our fittings are available at competitive prices which are almost difficult to beat. We do not compromise on quality and assure delivery within the timeframe. Our customers get quality tested products which have also been approved by internationally acclaimed authorities.

Why Choose Us?

By now, you already have a lot of reasons to choose us. If these are not enough, we can give you a lot of more reasons.

  • Guaranteed quality
  • Assured delivery
  • Proven record
  • Finest raw materials
  • Great network

Choose us as your brass conduit fittings manufacturer. For more information on our range of brass components contact us at

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