Best Quality Brass CNC Parts India

Pallega is an expert brass CNC parts manufacturer catering to suppliers and retailers from across the globe. We are the chosen manufacturer because we have strived for excellence and established long-term relationship with our regular clientele. In our business span of 40 years, we have deciphered the code that is required to run a successful CNC parts manufacturing business.

  • Guaranteed precision
  • Proven Quality
  • Fit for Export
  • Assured Durability

Our Machined Parts

Guaranteed precision comes from the state of art machines that Pallega houses for manufacturing of brass CNC parts. The machines are serviced regularly and updated to better variants in order to keep our manufacturing facilities at par with the growing demand that our business caters to. Mechanization of high level ensures that our CNC parts have perfect dimension and unparalleled quality.

Another contributing factor to the promised supreme quality is the use of high grade raw material that has the super properties of brass. CNC machines require robust parts that do not break or get damaged easily. Brass is a good choice for these parts primarily because it has high tensile strength. Additionally, brass is not prone to rust which makes it ideal for precision components of machines where rust is common.

Our Advantage

Machined parts might not always be a standard industry size. With this view in mind, Pallega offers manufacturing services for brass CNC parts that need to have different dimension, finish, material, etc. We are able to give a variety to clients because of our own manufacturing facility that has a great output rate. Our machines are capable of producing precision parts of different dimensions using variety of raw material. This is certainly an edge for a manufacturer who can offer a variety to the clients at economical price.

As a manufacturer, we are committed to your service and are always willing to go that extra mile to serve you. We have the approvals of all regulatory bodies to run a manufacturing facility that uses brass as raw material. Further, we are certified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that is the top quality-inspecting body in the world. These accreditations have given us the advantage to cater to big clients around the world.

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