Brass Battery Terminals India

Batteries are crucial to functioning of a variety of machines and this criticality requires a perfect battery. Perfect brass battery terminalsare Pallega’s contribution to this perfection.

Brass Terminals from Pallega

Pallega is a manufacturer of brass products and operates its manufacturing facility from Gujarat in India. Brass parts are in huge demand across the world and Pallega has been an exporter along with being a manufacturer from over four decades. This industry experience makes Pallega an appropriate choice for all your brass parts needs.

Our Brass Battery Terminals

We understand the importance of battery terminals and also how brass is the perfect choice because of the properties like resistance to rust, conductivity, strength, etc. But not all brass parts are made from quality brass. Many manufacturers use a low-grade brass to increase profit. At Pallega, you can be sure of the quality of raw material.

Material and Thread Choices

All our brass terminals are created from high grade brass which is approved by international regulatory bodies making our brass terminals fit for export. We use free cutting brass like IS 319 (Type I), BS 249 (Type I), etc. This does not imply that our brass quality is limited to these two types. We have a full customization option available for clients who want to use other types of brass.

With respect to the thread choices, our brass battery terminals comply with global standards. We comply with thread designations like BA, BSW, UNF/UNC, etc.Pallega pays particular attention to this compliance because this speaks about the quality that we are delivering. This is an assurance to our clients that you are getting products that are meeting the specified standards.

Perfect Finish and Specification

At Pallega, we give equal importance to the finish and dimension of the brass battery terminals. We understand that the specification of the battery terminal might vary from battery to battery and therefore, there is a need to pay special attention to the dimension provided by the client. Similarly, the finish choices that we offer give clients the privilege to opt for the finish they feel would go with their batteries or would withstand the conditions in the battery.

Contact us at for more information on our battery terminals. You can also e-mail your specific requirements and our team will get in touch with you with detailed quote within 2 to 3 working days.

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